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#2 Thoughts – Older & Lonely

So I was thinking to myself today about loneliness. I have had a deep conversation with an older woman at work. She was very emotion…when I say emotional I mean that she seemed heart broken. Nothing had particularly happened in her life but she feels shes stuck. I dont want to go into detail as its not for me to do but It made me think that there must be thousands of lonely people all over the UK but what do we do for them? If its parents or Grandparents, must of us take them for granted – if its a neighbour we just ignore them and if its a homeless man/woman on the street we shunt them. We need to do more for our elders. spend more time looking after them like they did for us when we were small. Treat them with respect, have programs in place for those who have lost their husband or have no one else like free clubs and classes, this should all be funded by the government or just by local councils.

My heart dies inside thinking that could be one of my family members but I know I do all I can to balance family/work and Partner. I never want anyone to feel as lonley as this poor work colleague. I will now do everything in my power to include her in more, maybe set her up on some online dating if shes ready or research some near by clubs to go to in hopes that she starts to find people her own age that she can just interact with.

One day that could be us, that could be me…and I hope I am appriciated enough to not be left on my own. Crying to my self and wondering what the point is.

If anyone on here ever feels this way, please contact me, I am a good listener.

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