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Posting #metoo to help give awareness to the world of what woman are going through on a daily basis.

Recently in the place I work day in day out a man within management decided to call me into the office. During the 5 seconds I had been in the office he removed his trousers and started to touch is private area while asking me “do you feel unfortable” which i then advised I was and he laughed in my face. Me being me I turned the light off in his office and said “your a joke, no one wants to see that” while trying to shake off the shock. The same man the next day put a handful of hand cream in the palm of his hand, actioned as if he was masterbating and then through the cream all over me as if it was mean to be ejaculation.

Now I ask you, do you think thats right?

All work places have ‘banter’ but that was too far in my opinion, hes not my friend, hes not my collegue, hes my manager.

I wish this had been the only thing that has happened within my place of work but its not…

Every woman seems to have a story, I know some of the worst ones..not becuase I lived it but becuase my mother did, she was raped when i was only in secondary school and we all had to get her through that, shes strong but thats not the point. They never caught them, for all we know hes still out there and she still flinches at times.

This movement gives me strenght but also makes me so incredibly emotional, reading all these stories has made me cry.

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