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#1 Thoughts – Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

This has come up a lot in the past few years but has become an even bigger story recently as more and more woman are coming forward. I am proud of today’s woman standing up for themselves, though it may be a bit late but people don’t understand the impact it can have one someones life whether they are celebrities or not.

Men like Harvey Weinstein have been getting away with some truly horrific things since the beginning of there career in film, 82 woman have officially come forward and some of those are public figures such as Rose McGowan who have been urging victims to come forward and then suddenly there was a arrest warrant for her silence which is absolutely despicable! She has the right to fight for her own peace of mind, her own body and to encourage woman to do the same. I have noticed that many men have been shocked by the whole outrage but hardly any woman are which just shows his reach within his film business – some of these allegations are from back in the 1980’s where his secretary informed the Police that she had been raped by him and nothing was done, she had come forward and been pushed to the side like it didn’t matter and now hes gone on to scar other poor girls/woman all over the UK and the world.

Reading up on it on the news and other websites such as makes me just not understand what was going through the mans head when he decided to do all of this. I guess as a woman I wouldnt understand but surely (well I hope) there are men that are confused too. How did you expect to get away with it? Espeicially in the work place and with high profile people!

Sexual Harassment in the work place unfortuantly is very much an issue whether you work in film or just in a call centre there are men all over the place that are taking advantage of their power. I understand there is ‘Banter’, I am fully aware as there is plenty of that in my work place, espically when you have worked there for so long, like I have but I recently had a few insidents with management that I didnt think was ‘Banter’ and actually felt incredibly unfortable, however I raised my voice and so did others in the office and now that weve done that we have stopped anything else from happen or for anything to go any further.

All those out there that are struggling with any sort of sexual harassment or maybe even rape, it must be hard god know just going to HR about innorpriate behaviour is hard so I personally dont know what you are going through but there are people that CAN help and DO understand.

Please this this link : / it goes through all the relavant steps and who you can contact. If your reading this and it all applied to you then be a Rose Mcgowen and come forward, be strong, it will help you in the long run.

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