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#3 Love – Freedom of speech

freedom of Speech… is amazing in our life time. Anyone can have a voice! just like me starting this blog, someone may come past it and say “well thats interesting, seeing her point of view” just like I do every day going through fellow bloggers pages.

yes it has some negative back lashes such as trolling and online absuse which I very much condone and think its horrific but at the same time weve never had so much freedom before. I can read the news now, but not just swollow it the way we used to..we can create our own up rising! On twitter/facebook/instagram/wordpress/tumblr and many others. Has a celeb said something you like or simply dont agree with ?? well just tag them on twitter and tell them your oppinion, yes they are well within their rigths to have their opinion just like you are and they are more than likely to ignore you but hey youve have you say.

You can be an online activist; people all over world are forever sending round online signing sheets to stop things from happening, such as animal testing, millions of people can sign it to make so much more of an impact of certain companies. Its only really an example but there are so many other things you can do. However what annoys me is that some people dont realise what your voice can do. you can say anything…and you chose to update the world with ‘what you had for dinner’ or just bitching in general. Someone I know on Facebook just constantly…when I say constantly, I mean every single day posts the same thing ‘my life is boring’ or ‘need to go out, all I do is work and be bored’ –  what I say to that is “Hun – you have an amazing family and the whole world at your feet, your life is in your hands” – yes there is freedom of speech and you are intitled to write that but please…do more!

People who blog, theres alot of you now which is amazing… your oppinions, your art, your personal life and your poetry is amazing. Never give up on your say and NEVER let anyone dampon your voice becuase speeking as fellow blogger I can tell you your amazing.


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