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#2 Love – Love itself

“when I saw you I fell in Love, you smiled becuase you knew” – William Shakespeare.

My next love is … love itself.

I could litterally go on about love for pages and pages but its simple really. Love is what holds me together as a person and if im honest its the only thing keeping the world together to! There is so much negativity in todays society, from bullying to size hating to racism and if it wasnt for us having love we would be consumed.

Think about it, you turn on the news at 6AM before you go to work just to catch up with whats happening in the world. Have you ever watched and thought, yes this world is great I love all this war/killing and sexual harassment. No I bet you dont and I know that I certainly dont. It is depressing and the only thing keeping you from giving up in the world is the random act of kindness that stems from love, such as .. I watched a video on youtube of a man who found a homeless guy, took him shopping, got him dinner, bathed him and tried to help him find accommodation, that was just amazing and it made me cry. Dont get me wrong Im not some saint but I balance it enough to feel that I help make a little bit of difference.

Family love is a hard love I think, you love each other so much but sometimes you just cant stand to be around each other. My family life has been rocky before but I think im getting to the age now where I make as much effort as I can for them but I have my own life to live and that is a priority…Moving forward and I think they understand so thats always good.

My main love is my Partner, he is everything thats good in this world. I feel that he taught me what Love is meant to be as I wasnt too sure before but now I am. He is kind, funny, smart – He cares a lot, he maybe doesnt care as much about the world as a whole like I do but he is very family orientated and he loves me so thats all that matters really. I dont know where I would be without him as honestly I dont think I have laughed so much since meeting him. He completes me.

I also love…love quotes.

Here are a few of my Favorites:

“Heres what Love is: a smoke made out of lovers sighs, when the smoke clears love is the fire burning in your lovers eyes” – William Shakespeare.

“I would not wish any companion in the world but you” – William Shakespeare

“Where there is Love, there is Life” – Gandhi

“A simple ‘I Love You’ means more than Money” – Frank Sinatra

I dont think that anyone could ever truely define what Love is, or how each individual person perseves it to be or feel like but I know for me, Love has truely made me a better person and I continue to move in a more possitive and happier world.

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