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#1 Love – Harry Potter


yes you heard me correctly, Harry Potter is my first love, will always be my first and well biggest love. So this counts for books/films/plays ..everything and here i will sum up why.

1 – Created an Escape for people

Harry Potter came out around the time where I really needed an escape. The books gave me something to dive into instead of drowning. I needed good to be good and evil to be evil at this specific time in my life and I didnt know what side was what but having such black and white charaters (other than Professor Snape) made me feel at ease.

2 – Taught people life values

It help teach values of life, family dont have to be of your blood to be family. Love generally does conquer all and never give up if you truely believe in something and dream big.

3 – Never ends

The started off as just a book and then the most brilliant films were made. I have to admit when the were announced I thought I had died and gone to a world of magic. We didnt just have to imagine it anymore, it was going to be menifested into something we can see, hear and take part in. Though I wasnt sure on the people casted…they are now and will forever be ‘the people from Harry Potter’. Its never ending … and I love it, youve got  harry potter 1-8 and then harry potter world/ harry potter audio book / spin off books and films like fantastic beasts and the new one origins of voldemort. It just will never end .. theres so many avenues for the storys to go down and films to be added. They have created a screen play which blew my actual mind.

4 – Theres MAGIC

Magic is another reason – who doesnt like or love the idea that magic could be real?? Ive spent many an hour contemplating if I would be good witch or a bad one. youve got magical creatures, floating candles, flying on broomsticks, trasnfiguration … you can become an animal. seriously who would not find that the best thing in the world?

5 – It will ALWAYS…be there.

And last but not least. People may come and go but Harry potter will be there….ALWAYS. (yes i said it, Always. someone grab me a tissue)


so thats #1 on my list of things that I love. for those who know me, this was not a shock.



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    • Hi Hanna, thank you for taking the time to contact me. I think Harry Potter is in my soul thats for sure. Anyway, thank you for reading 🙂 If you could perhaps follow me and give me your opinion on my posts that would be great, Im new to this.x


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